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Van bővebb infó
Ellenőrzött, retusált képek
VTR egyeztetésre is van lehetőség!
Van bővebb infó
Ellenőrzött, retusált képek
VTR egyeztetésre is van lehetőség!
Szofi erotikus masszázs

erotikus masszázs



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2016-10-01 11:54:30

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2 hours
At my place, she came with her own car punctual . My place is quit hard to find but she found it.
I live in a big house, new renovated, so everything is new and very spacious. She was surprised about my tasteful decoration,
Only positiv feedback
Szofi külseje
When she got out of her car, i was more than satisfied, and knew i made the right choice. She looks amazing and smiles all the time.

Erotikus masszázs
After we introduced each other and had a drink we decided to go the my bedroom. I already took a shower before, so i was ready for the act, and she prepared herself in the bathroom and bedroom. She brought a device with nice music and after she came back out of the bathroom she wore nice lingerie ...... wooooow. First session i was facing her with my back, and she started with a really professional oil massage. She knows what she is doing. After a while i could turn, and in the meantime she lost all the lingerie, so i was treated by a heavenly view. Than started the front massage, and the complete body to body with a lot off oil and sliding...........i was in heaven............the loading of erotic tension was enormous. I was able to touch her beautiful boobs, which are natural thank god, she allowed 69 and a BJ that was amazing............what resulted in an enormous load.
I enjoyed every moment with her, she gives you the feeling that you are very special.
She is very correct , there are no extras, no intercourse or kissing, only what is written in her advertisement, so you know what you get on forehand

A virágszálak száma prémium vendég előfizetéssel érhető el
(ha a hirdető megadta).
Super i can say, i can recommend her very much, she speaks english and german quit well, during the massage she speaks perfectly body language and hope to meet her again very soon, she really has a great attitude and personality .
Thank You Szofi

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