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Beküldve: 2024-05-09 23:52:30

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Beszámoló Lara +36707084990 121465 erotikus masszázs

DiosCsiga a 2024-05 hónapi randiján történteket írta meg Lara hirdetővel
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jól átmozgat, átgyúr
mindig vidám
I contacted the house on Whatsapp. Originally I was tried Vivien's number, but it did not seem to be working, so I sent a message to Lara's. The person managing the phone said that Vivien was not available until tomorrow. I was also interested in Lara, so I asked about her and she was available. I got an appointment for 90 minutes but later she wrote back saying that only 60 minutes was possible.
The place is easy to find and is convenient to both the blue metro and 4/6 tram line.
The apartment is new and very clean. It might only have one shower(?) because 2 of the 3 times I've been to this new location the shower was occupied. I like that they have disposable cups for mouthwash. Also, today I got a new (dry) towel for the second shower, which was a nice touch.
Lara külseje
Lara has a great body! She has nice, big, natural tits without being overweight. She also has long, blonde hair (possibly died?) and a pretty face. I could not wait to get her bra off to see those amazing tits!
She advertises with an obscured face, but there is nothing to worry about.
She was wearing a red outfit that looked good on her.
1. Lara +36707084990 beszámoló Budapest 121465 erotikus masszázs
3. Lara +36707084990 beszámoló Budapest 121465 erotikus masszázs4. Lara +36707084990 beszámoló 2024-05-10 06:10:55 erotikus masszázs 1214655. Lara +36707084990 beszámoló 2024-05-10 06:10:55 erotikus masszázs 1214656. Lara +36707084990 beszámoló 2024-05-10 06:10:55 erotikus masszázs 121465
Erotikus masszázs
Guess what! Lara gives a very nice, strong massage! She says that she has only been giving massages for a little while, but I was quite happy with hers (and I don't normally go for the massage). She really did a great job---good enough to make me want to return.

After doing my legs she took off her red top and let her glorious boobs out. She slid them along my back. I turned my neck and kissed one as she slid forward. She laughed.

Lara has a very nice attitude, and we chatted about lots of things. I told her I had been to the place multiple times so she asked me who my favorite was. I gave her some opinions.
Lara is very new. This was only her second day, and she is still getting used to the job. She kept apologizing or worrying that she wasn't meeting expectations. I told her "Ne aggódj!". It is 100% understandable that she is nervous and not fully comfortable with everything yet.

She asked me to turn over and she applied some oil to my privates. She worked with her hand a bit and then I asked her to lay down next to me so we could caress and kiss a bit. She kept handling my cock and I started stroking her. She let me caress her pussy but made sure I knew that she did not want me to finger her. She took off her panties around this time. We kissed some, but she did not seem too interested in that.

Then she had me get on my back and she started working downstairs again, some francia and some handwork. I was able to reach her pussy a bit from this position and it was nice touching her.

I think she did a good job with her hands, but we did not have a lot of time.
On Whatsapp the person handling the phone indicated there were 2 extras available, kissing and cum-in-mouth. I paid for the kissing. At first she gave really nice, powerful tongue kisses, but later she kept her mouth closed, which was a bit of a disappointment. She may have bee a little nervous or overwhelmed given that it was just her 2nd day.
A randi 1 órás volt, és az ajándék 29 virágszálból álló csokor volt.
(A 2024-05 hónapi randin tapasztalt, a vendég által megadott információ, ami az adott randira vonatkozik, és iránymutatásra szolgál. Pontos feltételekről mindig egyeztess a hirdetővel.)

A hirdető a virágszálak számát nem adta meg a hirdetésében.
I hope she stays! She gives a really good, strong massage, has a good figure and a good attitude. It will be interesting to see what she is like after working a few more weeks. I'd recommend her to others---just be kind and understanding since she is still getting used to the trade.

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