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dankramer a 2024-05 hónapi randiján történteket írta meg Dominika hirdetővel
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I texted Dominika in the first half of the day of the date, she confirmed the availability within an hour. I sent a more detailed message after that, giving some info about myself and what I'd like to do with that free VTR extra🙂 She then silently approved the VTR, so I figured she is OK with that. An hour before the date I texted again asking about the door and entry details, and Dominika responded again in a timely fashion.
Egyértelmű a cím:
I used public transport to reach her apartment. The building is next to a few construction sites just before Lurdy Haz. After I came out of the tram, it was only a few minutes before I reached the place. I relied on gmaps to access the building, the outline on the maps is a bit iffy, but if you follow the approximate directions, it should be kind of intuitive.
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The apartment is located almost on the top of the building, it was pretty sunny inside and the flat itself looked recently refurbished. After I entered the lobby, Dominika greeted me and showed me her room which has a double bed in the center and a few shelves around. The bathroom was quite clean and also looked refurbished. It had a decent selection of shower gels and a bottle of mouthwash. On the floor I saw a bunch of towels waiting for their laundry turn, which is expected from the place that has three girls working. I didn't see them for the entire time, it was only their voices that gave away their presence. Dominika takes good care of discreetness. She checked a few times before I needed to make a move between rooms to avoid any unwanted encounters :)
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Dominika is a woman of gentle beauty mixed with sexy confidence and spicy twist provided by her multiple tattoos (I have a thing for tattooed girls). I would say her pictures, even if retouched, match the real picture with pleasant accuracy. She has a bombshell body with a sexy pair of perky tits. Her booty deserves a separate paragraph, but long story short, it's a shapely peach that invites your tongue and other things to explore further :) She has a pretty face and kind attitude. Such a shame I didn't feel that we clicked on a more personable level but more on that in the next section.
1. Dominika +36300717461 beszámoló Budapest 121687 erotikus masszázs
3. Dominika +36300717461 beszámoló Budapest 121687 erotikus masszázs4. Dominika +36300717461 beszámoló 2024-06-03 23:27:00 erotikus masszázs 1216875. Dominika +36300717461 beszámoló 2024-06-03 23:27:00 erotikus masszázs 1216876. Dominika +36300717461 beszámoló 2024-06-03 23:27:00 erotikus masszázs 121687
Dominika greeted me at the entrance of the flat, we exchange kisses on the cheek, and entered her room. There I fumbled a bit with my clothes, undressed, and awkwardly asked for a towel. I might be a bit shy when I meet a new person, let alone sex partner, so I think she noticed it and tried to laugh it away a few times. After shower, I got back to the room, she waited for me on the bed in a nice black set of lingerie she was wearing when I just entered her place.

I laid down next to her and started touching her body gently while complimenting on her looks. She smiled and thanked me but in a way that you figure that she's getting complimented a lot. She then started going down on me while I was laying back and admiring the view. It seemed as if she didn't enjoy the blowjob process much as the moment my junior got proper hard, she suggested I put a rubber on. That was fine with me, although I honestly wished I could get some more of that French action. We started in a cowgirl position but because I felt something lacking in physical chemistry between us, it didn't stay hard for a long time. We then changed to doggy, and it's not like Dominika was silent or anything, she kept moaning the entire time. I just felt that something was off. We then tried a missionary, it felt really good, but in those rare moments our eyes met, she smiled and looked away. When I asked if something was wrong, she shrugged and replied that everything is OK.

As a lover of passionate sex, I couldn't get rid of that feeling until the end of the date. And I am sure that it is something more nuanced - it would be unfair to blame Dominika after our meeting. In the breaks between these unsuccessful tries, we chatted a bit more about general topics, about our lives, smiled at each other, so I didn't feel like she doesn't like me as a person but perhaps she didn't enjoy me that much as a sex partner.

After another chat, I suggested we try 69. That was a different experience somehow. Even though I could still tell she wasn't really enthusiastic about giving me a blowjob, at some point she started quietly moaning when I was eating her out and squeezing her buttocks. She then started grinding against my face (now that felt enthusiastic), which made me take the junior in my own hands as I was feeling she's getting tired of a handjob but I felt like I will finish soon. In the message exchange on the website, I specified that I would love to finish inside her mouth, but either I messed up by not saying it in the moment (my mouth was busy with something else), or she was distracted by the grinding, I emptied my balls on my belly😂 the thing that turned me on the most is that she kept grinding for a good minute after I came but at some point I just got tired of my newly discovered turn on and signalled that we should stop.

She then gave me a few wet towels go clean myself and I took another shower after that. When I returned, Dominika was waiting for me with a towel around her body and a glass of water, which I felt was a very kind gesture given the above. I dressed up quickly and we said our quick goodbyes. When I came out of her flat, I realized I spent almost an hour inside (close to 55-57 mins in total).
I spoke on the extra above. Given her kind attitude outside sex, I'm willing to give Dominika a benefit of a doubt and blame it on my poor communication. The settlement itself was almost non existent. I put the rose buds on a bedside table before I started undressing, when I came back they were already placed elsewhere :)
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A hirdető beállítása szerint fél órás randira 30, egy órás randira 45 rózsaszállal illik megérkezni
Mixed feelings, as you can see, but the ending was great despite everything. Definitely a unique date. Physically and appearance-wise Dominika is totally my type. She will probably remain one of the biggest "what ifs" for me on this website.

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