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Happy Diana erotikus masszázs

erotikus masszázs

Happy Diana


V.I.P hirdető
92/100 (beszamolok.com rating) Beküldve:
2020-09-11 08:17:39

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Happy Diana beszámoló erotikus masszázs Budapest 2020-09-11

I used the online booking system at Happy Massage. It was simple to use and the information was clear, and I requested an appointment for two days later. However, it was evening so there was no confirmation until the following day. On the next day, I got a phone call from the receptionist asking if I'd come an hour later. No, that's not possible. How about half an hour later? No. Then I got another call asking if I want to come later and for only an hour. At this point I said no, just cancel it. Then later I got another call saying that actually the original time is okay. I agreed and got the original time I wanted. The directions were in the original email (I did everything in Hungarian, but the website is also in English).
I never spoke to Diana.
Egyértelmű a cím:
I took public transport and arrived right on time. I called Dia's number and again talked to the receptionist, who told me to wait two minutes and then buzz in. The directions were easy and clear. Once I got into the building there was a sign for "massage". That was nice. There is a lot of parking in the area.
Randi helyszíne:
Egyezés a hirdetéssel:
The flat is in good condition. There are several rooms. I didn't hear any other activity other than a few girls hanging out in the kitchen behind a curtain (I always wondered why they don't introduce themselves). The bathroom was okay but not the best. Typical large bathtub with nowhere to hang the shower head. Lots of shower gel. Towel was okay (I got a second one for the "after" shower).
Happy Diana külseje
Adatok valóságtartalma:
Amiben fogadott:
Look at her pictures and imagine the very best version of what you see. That's Happy Diana. The only part you can't see are her tits, and I"m here to tell you that they are simply magnificent, bigger than you have ever seen on a girl her size, and they have the perfect shape. She has a huge Julia Roberts smile, perfect skin, hair, ass, and voice. She is simply stunning. I usually visit girls who have a combination of looks and skills, but every once in a while I choose a girl who is simply impossibly beautiful just to see if a girl like her truly exists. I can verify that Diana is everything you imagine. Unbelievable.

Erotikus masszázs
She is not a masseuse. Between the two happy endings, she rubbed my feet a little and scratched the back of my legs with her nails. It was a little bit erotic, but not really a massage in any way. This part lasted maybe 20 minutes. She then oiled up her front and gave me a sliding massage on my back that was nice, especially in the mirror. She started to relax a little more during this part. All I can say is that you shouldn't expect her to relieve your back pain.
Barátnő feeling:
Hozzállás, kezdeményezőség:
Kézi kényeztetés:
There are two hand jobs included in the 90 minute massage. Normally, I am only good for one release, but I was curious to see what would happen at the beginning of the program. It wasn't a good idea. Diana was a bit cold and I wasn't ready and after 10 minutes of hand job she stopped and told me to turn over for the back massage because I wasn't even hard. She left the room and came back 5 minutes later. It was partly my fault, but also a lack of communication. Normally I like to explain to the lady that I'm a difficult case, but we didn't really have a chance to talk.
The second hj at the end of the program was more successful. We had gotten to know each other a little more and were both more comfortable. Now her technique had more effect on me and soon I was hard and she was using her ESZO skills to take me up and pause, take me up and pause, which I love. THat's why I was there. She then asked me if I was holding back and smiled at me. Within seconds it was all over and I had my happy ending. All's well that end's well. She is not a master yet, but with her beauty it doesn't take much.
NO extras. The 90 minute program has come down in price to be more in tune with the going rate. I think it's a fair price considering what a rare beauty she is. Her skills could improve. She isn't really good at the massage portion yet, so you're paying for the hj from a young beauty. I would recommend the 60 minute program.

A virágszálak száma prémium vendég előfizetéssel érhető el
(ha a hirdető megadta).
She is a stunning beauty with a thin body and a fantastic smile. Her massage skills are almost zero, so you get more of an erotic touch before the ESZO action. Her ESZO skills are okay. She's a nice girl who's a bit shy at first.

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2020-09-13 17:29:13
Thanks for the report, Danedina. Useful to know. I have a feeling that looks are necessary but perhaps not sufficient and this may have been a borderline case?

2020-09-11 11:23:38
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